Monday, October 03, 2005

Bush & His Pick Miers Not Conservative Enough?

There is no shortage of gnashing of the teeth out there today by the most conservative on the right of the Republican Party over the Miers nomination. They are very unhappy and I’d say angry. I’m not a constitutional law guy, but it seems bizarre for any Bush supporter to believe that he would pick someone who does not share his values and political philosophy.

An interesting point that I came across in the buzz of conversations today that isn’t getting as much discussion as I think is merited on the Miers nomination is that she has personally worked for George W. Bush since the early nineties both in Texas and now in the White House. She has worked for Bush the past ten years. She had a big role in putting together the latest Supreme Court candidate process that resulted in the Roberts nominee. She was Bush’s lead counsel for the process to pick the nominee for the first vacancy.

That said, can there be a candidate out there who Bush knows better and on a deeper level? Can there be a candidate out there that President Bush knows shares a greater degree of his own ideology and political beliefs of what makes a Bush Justice than Miers? Only Albert Gonzales perhaps, but Bush has known and worked with Miers even longer.

Bush 41 did not know David Souter, Bush 43 knows Harriet Miers very well and much more so than any of the other names that have been offered up for consideration.
On considering only the question of what political base and beliefs Miers has (and that is the hot questions today), it would seem that she “should be” a mirror of the President and the candidate that he should know with most certainty.

If that is the case then I wonder if those on the extreme right of the Republican Party are in fact not all that comfortable with President Bush’s degree of conservatism and whether the President is not conservative enough for them. By appointing someone he is comfortable with has he fallen out of favor with the most conservative of Republicans as a President............