Friday, September 30, 2005

Bad Message - Bad Antiwar Model

Charles Krauthammer, gets it exactly right in his Washington Post article titled Bad Choice for an Antiwar Voice

Krauthammer states even though a large percentage of Americans feel uneasy over the war in Iraq, they are not prepared or ready to follow a communist/socialist antiwar movement headed by Cindy Sheehan.

ANSWER and the other socialist/communist organizations leading the antiwar movement have no appeal to a strong majority of Americans for obvious reasons:

You don't build a mass movement on that. Nor on antiwar rallies like the one last weekend in Washington, organized and run by a front group for the Workers World Party. The WWP is descended from Cold War Stalinists who found other communists insufficiently rigorous for refusing to support the Soviet invasion of Hungary. Thus a rally ostensibly against war is run by a group that supported the Soviet invasions of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan, the massacre in Tiananmen Square, and a litany of the very worst mass murderers of our time, including Slobodan Milosevic, Hussein and Kim Jong Il. You don't seize the moral high ground in America with fellow travelers such as these.

Americans want things to stabilize and improve in Iraq and for our soldiers to return home as soon as possible. So does every reasonable person, no one want the military to be there any longer than is required. That said they still don’t want us to cut and run and I’m sure that we will not cut and run. It’s too important that we see a stable Iraq in the region. Americans understand that this is not a Vietnam and they won’t follow the recycled far left organizations and thinking that are leading this antiwar protest. Americans understand that it is too important that we win the war on terror and see the difference in the struggle between Vietnam and Iraq:

For all the Vietnam nostalgia at the Washington march, things are different today. In Vietnam it could never be plausibly argued that Ho Chi Minh was training commandos to bring down skyscrapers in New York. Today, however, Americans know that this is precisely what our jihadist enemies have pledged to do.