Friday, September 30, 2005

Ford Ends Production of Excursion

This is a very sound idea and a good adjustment to the business plan by Ford:


Per the AP:

The last Ford Excursion, a super-sized sport-utility vehicle, rolled off the assembly line Friday as the automaker shifts its focus to producing more fuel-efficient vehicles. The company announced in July that it would halt production of the 19-foot gas-guzzler as sales of its larger SUVs dragged.

At $3 and higher for a gallon of gas, yes I’m sure the old Ford Excursion is not all that hot these days. The “tree huggers” however are upset that economics played a role in the decision:

"I think the fact that the last Excursion is rolling off the line is a sign of how long Ford waited before it started actually addressing these issues," said Paul West, a spokesman for the Rainforest Action Network. The San Francisco-based group has campaigned for Ford to cut emissions and improve fuel economy.
"Ford didn't really address it because it wanted to do the right thing," West said. "Ford's addressing it because gas prices are skyrocketing and people are freaking out."

People freaking out over $150 fill-ups is a pretty safe bet there Rainforest Man. I have to measure and see if a 19 foot vehicle would fit in my garage easily, I don't think it would…………………………


I measured my garage and it's 25' from back wall to the garage door, so I could put an Excursion in it if I wanted to. I don't, its a Ford for God's sake so I would never buy it for quality issues alone. If I did want to put a vehicle of that size in my garage I would have to rearrange lots of "wall stuff" to get it in however....