Friday, September 30, 2005

Prophet Ronnie Earle Enforces Gods Laws

Byron York of NRO, got a copy of the film that Travis County DA Ronnie Earle is staring in and it would appear co-writing, and Byron has the reviews up on the "Big Buy":

York on Prophet Earle

Per York:

On several occasions in the film, Earle engages in monologues on what he believes is the sinister effect of money in politics. "The root of the evil of the corporate and large-monied interest domination of politics is money," Earle says as he takes the filmmakers on a nighttime drive around Austin. "This is in the Bible. This isn't rocket science. The root of all evil truly is money, especially in politics. People talk about how money is the mother's milk of politics. Well, it's the devil's brew. And what we've got to do, we've got to turn off the tap."

The Prophet DA goes on to say:

In another scene, Earle describes how he deals with offenders in cases like the campaign-finance investigation. "It's important that we forgive those who come to us in a spirit of contrition and the desire for forgiveness. That's important. But if they don't, then God help them." The film then dissolves to a picture of DeLay.

This is a very terrifying picture, a self appointed Prophet DA ridding the world or at least Travis County of the devil's evil money on the terms that God has personally given him to pursue. Gives one visions of accused witches being drowned in Salem or burnt at the stake. Prophet Ronnie Earle goes on to say the devils money is "every bit as insidious as terrorism." I wonder if the Prophet was reading the Koran when he experienced that revelation.

This guy is a certified "nut job" who is very delusional if not clinically insane. The terrifying thing is that he also is the DA!!!! He decides who gets prosecute in Travis County!!!!!!!

The left is always trying to pin extremist "danger" labels on right of center people of faith. Not people like Ronnie Earle who operate under their own God given laws, rather people who profess a belief in God, faith and religious value who unlike Ronnie Earle follow and believe in the law of the land. I can't wait to see how the left deals with the nuttiest religious political figure in a long time who also happens to reside smack dab in the center of their camp. It should be fun to watch the secular to agnostic to atheist left try and do damage control brought on by the Prophet of Travis County.

Not only is Prophet Earle a religious nut, but he has a flock of equally crazy disciples. Per York's review:

At one point in the picture, Rosemary Lemberg, an assistant district attorney in Earle's office, explains that Earle singlehandedly pushed forward the DeLay investigation over the objections of colleagues. "Ronnie was the only person in maybe a group of six or seven lawyers in a room who thought we ought to go ahead and investigate and look at those things," Lemberg says. "We got sued every time we turned around, we got taken to court over this, and Ronnie was the one who just kept pushing forward with it, and saying 'I'll put more resources on this, just keep hacking at it.'"

Pushing forward because he is on a mission from God and marching to God's personal order given to the Prophet alone and above the laws that govern us mere mortals. Based on what we are learning about Earle, I would not be surprised if he showed up in court with a box full of live poisonous snakes and starting dancing around with them. There are some nuts who do that here and pictures here. Seem to me that The Prophet Earle might be just as unbalanced as the Snake Handlers..................

I have one very important piece of advice for Ms Lemberg and the rest of Prophet Earle's staff and that would be: if the Prophet breaks out a wash tub of Kool Aid and tells you its time to prepare yourself to meet the Lord because the moment is near, run and run very fast and far..........................................