Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Air America - Liberal Cephalaspis - And Why They Have Flattened Head Shields

From here forward there is only one lead in or question to ask Al Franken:

What do you know and when did you know it? Repeat over and over until he answers the question....................

God knows the advertisements that Coleman is going to have in the bank, if Franken unwisely decides to run for his seat, are going to be gold. That knocking sound you hear is the heads of every ultra liberal across this great land, banging their head on their desk. Don't worry about their safety however, they have a very calloused forehead from prior experiences like:

the 2004 election, the 2000 election, the 1988 election, the 1984 election, the 1980 election (um 5-2 Republican since Regan) Ted Kennedy, Daschel, Jimmy Carter, Durbin, Phil Donahue, Clintons, Alger Hiss, Rather, Michael Moore, Byrd, John Conyers, Krugman, MSM, Hollywood, Marion Berry, Jessie, Linda Ronstadt, That Senator who ran for president named Kerry, Reid, Babara Boxer, Tom H from Iowa, Patrick Lehy, Conkrite, Nancy Pelosi, Sharpton, George Soros, Gore TV (does he still count?), Walter Mondale (he won one state Minnesota - the start of the hard calloused forehead), Fonda Anti All Military Regardless of Era or War, Castro, Che Guevara, All Cuban Communists, 75% of College Professors, Berkeley, LSD, CBS (kind of matches well and rolls with LSD does it not?), the St. Louis Pavda Post Dispatch (well they are small fries but it will make them feel better and true to their agenda to make the list)...................................

I could write all night but the point is that the hard, calloused, plate like muscle that liberals have on their forehead is an evolutionary adaptation. They evolved from the dinosaur fish Cephalaspis:

muscle heads - not real bright

Cephalaspis: This extinct group of fish were less than an foot long and had a large, flattened head shield that ended in two points (it looked a bit like it had a boomerang in its head).

Small with a large flattened head shield from banging that big dumb empty head on their desk over and over and over again via the latest Cephalaspis, Al Franken and Air America...................................................