Sunday, August 14, 2005

John Roberts Hates Hapless Toads

Another positive win for John Roberts in the eyes of most Americans via this anti-endorsement from the Sierra Club via Fox:


A hint of Roberts' views on land use and endangered species may be found in a 2003 case in which the judge took a minority view over the protection of a California toad.

Noting that the federal government's authority was based on its regulation of interstate commerce, Roberts wondered why the Interior Department should be "regulating the taking of a hapless toad that, for reasons of its own, lives its entire life in California."

Many environment laws are based on government's constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce, says Glenn Sugameli of Earthjustice, a law firm devoted to environmental protection. He said Roberts' views expressed in the California toad case "does raise serious questions" about how he might view "the constitutionality of important protections under the Endangered Species Act."

Lets see now if they pull a NARAL and run an ad claiming that Roberts is responsible for Global Warming and the death of hapless toads across our great country...........................