Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sunni - Federalism - Only Option Other Than Hell

It's over, time to accept the future and become part of it or be left behind or much worse. This is the message the Sunni population and their leaders need to understand and hear:

Sunnis It's Time

Can the Sunni population and leaders be so short sighted that they do not see that the best and only option they have is to end the insurgency and join their new place in the Iraqi government? We are not leaving before the job is done, the President has made that clear and the job will be done. The insane thing about that is that if we did cave like the anti-war crowd wants us to and did leave, the hell that would engulf the Sunni population would be devastating. The peace they fight is the only one that can and will prevent retaliation of the degree that they dished out on the Kurds and Shiites while Saddam ruled.

I can not remember the last group of people who were probably in a way deserving of such retaliation but some how had the opportunity to forego that judgment day if they joined a democracy. However, instead they have fought it and continued to kill the soon to be majority leaders via terror. You don't have to know much about anything to understand that is a very bad strategy, especially considering the circumstances and history. Let's hope they realize their terrorism can only make things worse for them if they continue it.

A division of self governing regions of Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis, with a federalist national government is the only viable option in a country like Iraq. It is the right model and the only one that will work for them, for now. The years of Saddam and his torture of the majority Shiites and Kurds is a big part of that, but the past two years of suicide bombings on the two majorities is also a factor.

A federalist government is, well since it's an online group take a look for yourself via Wikipedia:

Wikipedia - Federalsim

The writings of two British observers - Albert Dicey and James Bryce, have been influential in the early theory of federalism. Dicey identified two conditions for the formation of a federal state. The first was the existence of a body of countries "so closely connected by locality, by history, by race, or the like, as to be capable to bearing, in the eyes of their inhabitants, an impress of common nationality." The second condition is "the desire for national unity and the determination to maintain the independence of each man's separate State".

The distribution of powers is an essential feature of federalism. In a classic work on the subject, Professor I. C. Wheare gave this test for federal government: "Does a system of government embody predominantly a division of powers between general and regional authorities, each of which, in its own sphere, is co-ordinate with the others and independent of them?" The result of the distribution of powers is that no one authority can wield the same amount of power as under a unitarian state.

Under a federal system the Constitution is the supreme power from which the state is derived. An independent judiciary is necessary to treat as void every act which is inconsistent with the Constitution. Because of this, federalism is precluded by legalism. The Constitution must necessarily be "rigid" and "inexpansive". Its law must be either legally immutable, or else capable of being changed only by some authority above and beyond the ordinary legislative bodies. The difficulty of altering the constitution tends to produce conservative sentiment.

It won't be American nor should it be. It will be a free and democratic Iraq with years to grow into what it can become. It is however a hell of a better government than it has been these past 50 years.

So I say Sunni Iraqis, its time to join the government and move forward. To choose the other option would be like a person in an old burning condemned house who decides to close the only open window and burn to death inside instead of jumping out and starting anew.......................................