Thursday, August 11, 2005

St. Louis Post Has A Fair Editorial - God Forbid

Anyone who has ever read this blog or knows me, is very aware that I'm not a fan of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. It's one of the most liberal newspapers in America and an activist news organization. I call them the Pravda Post when they run the most blatant activist pieces. It's not personal just a factual reaction of the product that the ultra-liberal news organization pumps out to the St. Louis market. That said, when I read today's editorial related to John Roberts and the NARAL attack ad, they got this one right and deserve the credit of doing so:


The Post was fair and balanced on this editorial, which leads me to ask, "Who wrote it?" Perhaps Christine Bertelson, Ellen Soeteber, Arnie Robbins, and Eric 'the' Mink, were all off on vacation this week. This is so un-Post like, to have a rational, fair, and balance approach. It is not the normal Post editorials content. Regardless of who wrote the editorial, I say well done and thank you. It was above the agenda line and had "real" analysis that was again fair and balanced.

It was one editorial, so I'm not "all in" by any means. The Post has about an 18% trust factor with those on center to right of center, but it appears that the Lee ownership is making the Post a more credible paper. Lets hope this trend continues, because it is very unhealthy to have a paper that feeds red meat to only the neo-libs without balance. The is especially damaging when 50% of your subscribers are right of center. I think Lee understands that if they move the paper to a more balanced offering and product, they have big upside for subscribers who have went away. More importantly, they can become a relative and credible newspaper.

The most important thing for the St. Louis Post Dispatch to get is that their beloved "watch dog journalism" has to apply to not only right of center people and matters, but also left of center people and matters. I have not seen that the past eight years in my review of the paper. If they are beginning to get that and are moving in that direction, then we just might have a credible paper in St Louis again..........