Friday, August 12, 2005

NCAA Based Ban On Unauthorized Activists Request

In their rush to be politically correct, the NCAA recognized an activist who was not authorized to speak on behalf of the Seminole tribe. The latest via The St. Petersburg Times:


Among the reasons, he said, are that the NCAA Executive Committee thought the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma opposed FSU's use of the Seminole image as a mascot.
That was based partly on letters the committee received from David Narcomey, a member of the General Council of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma.

But Narcomey was not authorized to speak on behalf of the tribal nation and "misrepresented" its view, the tribe's attorney general said Thursday.
In fact, Narcomey pushed for a tribal resolution condemning the use of American Indian mascots and imagery, specifically at FSU. It was defeated last month by an 18-2 vote.

I have issues with considering what the Oklahoma tribe wants or does not want, since the Florida State Seminoles are representing the Florida tribe and have a partnership with the Florida tribe. It is good however that the Oklahoma tribe understands that this is a respectful and honorable partnership and that they support it. Regardless, don’t you think that the NCAA would ensure that the information that they are using to make such a decision is coming from the appropriate and legitimate source? This was a hugely divisive ruling that they made without absolute certainty that the party they were arguing for was legitimate? Incredible………………………..

In their rush to embrace the same type of political correctiveness that rules organizations like the NCAA, they were duped into believing what they hoped and desired………….

The Chairman of the committee has stated that Florida State has “good grounds to appeal”:

Walter Harrison, who chairs the committee that approved a policy directed at 18 schools with "hostile and abusive" American Indian mascots, said FSU has "good grounds" to appeal.

Do you think so Mr. Harrison? If you and your cohorts were not yourself so blinded by a political correct mentality, maybe you could have seen the error of your way.
For icing on the cake showing just how this loony political correct activist movement was based in agenda, there are numerous tribe students who attend FSU:

Narcomey soon became the one speaking for the 14,000 Seminoles in Oklahoma. But he was "unauthorized" to speak on behalf of the nation and "misrepresented" its view on the issue, said Jennifer McBee, the attorney general for the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma.

McBee said the tribe has numerous students at FSU……………………….

Do you think that numerous Seminole tribe members would attend a school that they felt was "hostile" and "abusive" to them via the mascot?

Charlotte Westerhaus, the NCAA's vice president for diversity and inclusion should be fired, and the committee should reverse this ban immediately. If they do not, FSU should sue their lights out………………………………………The NCAA has promoted actions that are based in false information and the NCAA's actions have been "hostile" and "abusive" to both the Seminole tribes and to Florida State...................