Sunday, June 26, 2005

Shredding Socialist Unwanted Ideology

Makes one really proud to live in the "Great Show Me Red State of Missouri" via Little Green Footballs:

shred that stuff?

It is the "Show Me State" and the "Buck Stops Here State", so I'm not surprised that we see such "show me action-activism" from those great folks over in Columbia. What a great idea! Probably 99.9% of the people at that Memorial Day events were "insulted" by the peaceniks and their demand to be in the face of people coming to the event to pay respect for our Veterans. It's one day that regardless of political leanings we honor those who fought to give us whatever political leaning we have. To give the attendees the expressive and powerful option of showing their disgust and giving them an even more powerful statement directly in the face of the peaceniks was powerful and brilliant.

I'm obviously a huge free speech advocate, it's I think probably the most important right and one could not blog without holding the freedom dear and I do. So I think the peaceniks have every right to be at the Memorial Day event if they choose, but is that the best platform for them to be at with their message? I mean think about it? And the in your face disrespect that the linked story exposes actually led to a peacenik punching a pro-military 49 year old woman supporter in the face. Nice peace message don't you think?

This "shred it" strategy is a great strategy to make a much stronger counter statement to the ultra-liberal socialist who sue their way in to such events to hand out literature that 99.9% don't wants and getting in peoples faces. Getting in peoples face from a protest perspective means the message is not resonating and is hollow. To show just how hollow, shredding the unwanted literature in their face is a masterful statement and much more of a peaceful statement. Well done, well done indeed...............................