Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pravda Post Silence On Foley Is Deafening

You can not trust journalist who write your news and are represented by a person like Linda Foley if they do not speak out one way or the other on her statement that "America's Military target journalists:

Foley's Attack

I wonder why the good folks at the Pravda Post Dispatch have not run one single article on the Linda Foley statement? Especially since she made it about four blocks from the Pravda HQ's and a Post journalist was there covering the event. Surely the Post journalists have the freedom to write about this, but given the deafening silence perhaps Linda Foley proves that Pravda is the absolutely correct name for the Post Dispatch.

No balls at the Post, someone should write about Linda Foley if they are in fact "true" journalists. Come on someone over at the Post, grow some balls and write something about Linda Foley, anything, pro or con, the silence is deafening.............................