Saturday, June 25, 2005

Dems Rush To The Defense of MoveOn & Liberalism

A good summary from the Washington Times on the Rove "liberal" comment and the democrats falling all over themselves to defend liberalism and the anti-Iraq, anti-military speech of their party

Washington Times

The closing sums it all up:

But Mr. Rove didn't address Democrats; he addressed liberals, specifically and its like. For a party with a clear image problem, it seems counterproductive that they would rush to Mr. Moore's defense -- which, by their outrage, is essentially what they have done.

Image building aside, the reality is that the Democrats have embraced the "Michael Moore wing" of their party. Earlier this year, invited the Senate's top Democrats -- Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Mrs. Clinton, Barbara Boxer, Dick Durbin and Charles Schumer -- to a rally. Last summer, the Democratic National Committee sat Mr. Moore right beside former President Jimmy Carter during the party's convention in Boston. And, lest we forget, it elected Howard Dean to be the party's chairman.

This is the side of the Democratic Party Americans see. Democrats should reread Mr. Rove's comments and realize that he was in fact diagnosing their problem. Instead, they have decided to act like hypocrites. Well played, Mr. Rove.

Well played in deed.................