Friday, June 24, 2005

That's No Apology From Linda Foley

A good post on the Linda Foley article from Media Slander


I certainly don't see what Foley offered up as an apology...................

This part of the post captures the Foley issue perfectly and her liberal bias that prevents her from seeing the issue:

You would characterize it as a 'Right-Wing screed'. Yes, I am conservative. I am also white. Can we call it a 'White-Wing Screed'? You see, Right has no more to do with 'the screed' than White does. It's not about politics. Yes, you are liberal. However, I could fairly give a damn. You see, it's not about Right or Left, Conservative or Liberal, or Me or You. It's about the men and women of the US Military whose honor you recklessly sullied. But you'll never understand that