Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Dems Want A Terrorist Sleep Over?

When Jimmy Carter, Howard Dean, Bill Clinton, Dick Durbin, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi (The DNC leadership who are calling for Gitmo to be closed) spend a couple nights with the terrorists and all goes well, then I'll be open to discussions on closing Gitmo:

Hugh & Pete"

Here is I think the best exchange and the most telling and why I want those who are calling for Gitmo to be closed to spend some quality time with their friends:

Hugh: Tell us about the prisoners at Gitmo. Are these killers, or are they misunderstood religiously observant Muslims?

Pete: I tell you one thing, Hugh. I had a soldier in my platoon who spoke fluent Arabic, and so I'd go up in a tower and he'd interpret for me, and I am telling you, these guys are talking about, you know, how much they hate America and how much they would love to kill somebody if they could get their hands on them. These are not friendly guys, and given the opportunity, as I think someone put it, to spend the night at it with a few members of the editorial pages of the Star Tribune, I think that maybe they would take their statements back.

Back to the basics here slow Dem friends, these people are killer terrorist that hate you and me. If given the chance to kill an American they will. I'm ok with some extream temperatures, chaining them up, sleep deprivation, and such. Hell I'm ok with the fake dog attack. We are at war and this is acceptable Intel per the American people, listen and you might just hear it.......................