Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Show Them The Money

The Florida Democratic Party is broke and a lien was placed on their remaining assets by the IRS:


Here are some of the financial low-lights the Florida Dems face per WKMG Orlando:

Broke and without enough money in the bank to pay its bills after the end of the month, the Florida Democratic Party has now been slapped with a lien by the Internal Revenue Service for failing to pay payroll and Social Security taxes in 2003. The state party's budget and finance committee voted Tuesday to ask for a new audit to account for more than $900,000 it believes somehow disappeared from the books during the 2003-2004 calendar years when the party was led by Scott Maddox, who is now seeking its nomination for governor.

Somehow disappeared? How does $900,000 somehow disappear from a political parties coffers?

The Democratic Party in Florida has traditionally gone through financial woes, selling its headquarters building in Florida a few years ago to get out of debt. State vice-chair Diane Glasser of Fort Lauderdale said Tuesday she was confident the party could be able to meet its commitments. "We've had these problems before," Glasser said. "I think that everything will resolve itself. Karen has already got commitments for money that is going to be coming into the party."

Selling your HQ to get out of debt? Sounds like it no big deal and routine. Well as long as you know your way around that block then ok……………

Ausman, who is also a member of the party's budget and finance committee, said the party's 2003 year-end audit showed $609,032 cash on hand. He said it netted $586,986 in 2004 when it raised about $18 million. "I don't know how you start out with $609,000 and raise a net of $586,000 and end up with $269,000," he said.

Is this the fruit of Howard Dean and MoveOn taking over fund raising for the party they own? Moving the opposite direction I’d say………………………………

"It's very important that we reassure our donor base and all the Democrats that we're on top of this situation," Ausman said.

Yes I would think that is the case.........

So what’s the slogan for the DNC next year in Florida, elect our candidates so we can take as good care of your money as we have our own?