Monday, June 20, 2005

Post Durbin Editorial So Close Yet Ultimately So Far Away

The Post came within the last two sentences of writing a real and needed editorial on Sen. Richard Durbin.

Post's Durbin Editorial

It did not strongly criticize Durbin for his vial attack against the US military, but it did a decent job of saying he was obviously over the line and wrong saying what he said, and even said his "half step retreat" was "not enough".

Then with only two sentences left, they blew it and reverted to the only thing they know, that being "it's Bush's fault". The Post in the last two sentences showed their real displeasure with the Durbin comment and it was not that he called our men and woman of the US Military, Nazis, keepers of the Gulags, or Pol Pot.

The Post is upset that Durbin's attack on the military allows the Bush White House to "deflect legitimate criticism". This is how the Editorial mind of the Pravda Post operates, and there could not be a better editorial to expose it.

So close, but so far away in the end due to a Bush hating auto pilot default even when a regional Dem leader is attacking our military and needing to be held accountable for his statement and actions alone and without other agendas weaved into the editorial.