Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pelosi Launches Durbin Like Attack Tonight

The ink is not yet dry on the Durbin apology or his crocodile tears and the next democratic leader is stepping out of the line-up and attacking the US Military:

Pelosi Copies Durbin Attack

Nancy Pelosi's turn to undermine the military war efforts and the American people with a call for a outside commission to investigate allegations of abuse of terrorism detainees. This after she called the war in Iraq a "grotesque mistake," yesterday.

Pelosi said:
"We in Congress have a responsibility to make this issue once again too hot for the Republicans to handle," she said. "The treatment of detainees is a taint on our country's reputation."

She and the Dems are solely interested in making the "issue too hot for the Republicans", that simple. Damn the War on Terror and the protection of this country, they want political gains, pure and simple. Ms. Pelosi you and your party are the only "taint on our country's reputation" in this current climate.

Here is the reality of investigating Gitmo if you are only interested in facts and the right thing:

The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee noted her committee is already conducting a "serious and bipartisan" investigation, but argued it wasn't enough.

"This investigation is largely classified. We also need a public unclassified investigation," Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., said.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra, the Republican head of that committee, said those insisting on an independent investigation apparently don't know what Congress is already doing.

I think Joe Wilson R-S.C. called it right when he said:

"The creation of this committee is yet another example of Democrat leaders trusting the words of terrorists over the proven action of U.S. troops. "The American taxpayer is already footing a million dollar bill to provide for detainees, who are currently more comfortable than most of our men and women in uniform. When will Democrats start focusing their efforts on strongly supporting our troops rather than justifying the claims of terrorists?"

That is the question America is asking the Democrats. Its about the public rebuke that Americans gave Dick Durbin for his hideous comments and attacks and now will direct at Pelosi and the other Dems who feel it's more important to continue to attack our military and put the terrorist interests above our service men and woman and our citizens. The party bought by Soros, has completely fallen of the sphere of reality and into it's deepest and darkest era of shame and irrelevance...............