Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hate It If Bush Is Doing It

Glenn Reynolds has a good post on MSNBC titled "Bush Is Doing It".

Glenn's MSNCC Post

The essence of the post is this:

You'd think that the strategy of overthrowing dictators and encouraging democracy as a way of defeating terrorism would draw support from the left, since it's consistent with the "root causes" talk we heard right after 9/11. But you'd be wrong, and for one simple reason: Bush is doing it.

In other words if Bush gets credit then we are against it no matter how important it is.........................

The utlra-left Dems are selling out their country and military in droves just like Durbin did, simply because it is Bush who is leading this revolution of liberation. The hate is thick and never will change because of the mainstream values that Bush represents. They certainly seem very willing to fore-go a victory on the War on Terror, to regain a political foothold.

When you have fallen so far as the Dems, it must be hell politically. However, it can not be so bad that it turns you against the biggest fight this country has been in since WWII, can it?