Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Think It's Worth It For Union Made Products?

Did you know that if you were insane enough to buy a GM made vehicle, $1,525 of the price you paid would go toward GM's health care payments to their union members? You paid $1,525 more for that vehicle for inflated an unreasonable socialist negotiated benefits. Why would anyone by a GM vehicle?

Pay Me $1,525 per Vehicle For My Obese Life Style

Does the union or GM really wonder why no one is buying their vehicles and they have junk bond status as a company? GM is planning to ask the union to pay more for their benefits to make their product more competitive from a price standpoint. I predict a strike if that happens and continued spiraling downward sells of inferior GM products.

GM, Ford, and Chrysler are in serious trouble because of the socialist union contracts that they have agreed to. Look for them to go the way of the horse drawn carriage unless there is serious union reform within their organizations. Take about a Fat Wasteful organization that is getting sawed down...............