Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Unions Killing Host Companies

The Dems say the United Airlines pension termination strengthens the case for no Social Security reform? Huh???????

Socialist Strangle Hold

I say just the opposite. Pumped up paper pension plans from union contracts have bankrupted the US airline industry and have a real clear targeted focus on doing the same to the US automaker industry. Both are crippled and can no longer compete in the free market because of the socialist excessive liabilities that unions have extracted on their host. Yes host, unions have become parasites that eat their host just like they are doing to the airline industry and automaker industry.

There has never be a better warning to give control of each Americans retirement back to them to control and manage. Socialist institution like unions and socialist liberal law makers spend money well but they have no ability to save or secure it for the future. It's way past time to ensure that the rest of America does not end up in the position of the union pension plans members who bought a bad bill of goods from their unions. Socialist want to do the same with Social Security and make it a union like plan that will go broke and leave everyone in the dark and broken who relies on it.

If you are planning for Social Security to pay back more than 40% of your contributions and thats part of your retirment plan, you are in big trouble unless there is reform and reform now. I completely support the President's plan to accelerate and raise the benefits of lower income Americans and decrease benefits of higher income Americans. Its the right thing to do and the only plan that will save the program. I only hope that those who need this program the most will wake-up and realize that the only party trying to fix the Social Security program is President Bush and the GOP.