Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Former Senate Aid Cutler's Sex Blog Suit Allowed by Judge

I'm not quite sure that a blog is the appropriate place to discuss ones sexual partners, especially when you are a Senate aid and your partners are Senate employees, per the AP:

A judge on Wednesday allowed a lawsuit to proceed against Jessica Cutler, the former Senate aide who posted details of her sex life on the Internet. The case brought by Sen. Mike DeWine's former counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Robert Steinbuch, alleges that Cutler engaged in an invasion of his privacy in 2004 by publishing sexually explicit facts about a relationship with Steinbuch.

Cutler's comments on her blog about Robert Steinbuch follow:

The 21-page complaint provides verbatim entries from Cutler's Internet site, starting innocuously: "Item! A new contender for my fair hand. He works in one of the committee offices. We will call him RS." The next day, the language about "RS" turns sexually explicit.

There are probably more traditional means and more appropriate ways to have these types of discussions I'm guessing and the law suit is confirming that hunch..................................