Friday, March 24, 2006

Jo Mannies Reports a Drunk Accident on Her Blog

Jo Mannies of the St. Louis Post Dispatch put this offering up on her Political Fix blog this evening, posted in it's entirety below (6:51 PM):

Loudon in auto accident during campaign swing
State Sen. John Loudon, R-Wildwood, was nursing a bump on his head Friday after a drunken driver hit his car while he was campaigning for state auditor Thursday night in Perryville, Mo.

Loudon was riding in a car owned and driven by David Welch, St. Louis County’s former GOP elections director. Loudon said they were in downtown Perryville at an intersection when “we were hit head-on.'’

Loudon said he suffered his head bump because he was looking down and typing on his Blackberry at the time.

The driver of the other car ran off, Loudon said.

After determining that Welch was OK, although shaken, Loudon said he walked the remaining block to the location of the GOP Lincoln Day event, where he was to speak.

Loudon said he felt particularly bad about the damage to Welch’s car, but he was grateful that neither of them suffered any serious injuries. “It could have been a lot worse,'’ he said.

My question and other's is how does Mannies know that the person who hit Loudon & Welch was "drunk"? In the post Mannies states that the drunken driver "ran off"..................So if he ran off how do you know he was drunk?

This instinctively seem like a strange post and story to me. If the driver was in fact drunk then provide the details. If the driver that hit Loudon & Welch was not apprehended why would it be reported that the person was drunk?

I think there maybe more to this post than we know currently. Stay tuned.................................


Update: Mannies updated the now has the info needed to make sense and it just looks like an intoxicated woman hit them.............No story based on the missing info now part of the updated post...............................