Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Eliminate All Insurance Premiums & Keep Your Blog

Here is a way to cut your insurance cost significantly, however it probably will require a religious conversion, per the AP:

Hours after the winds died down, a crowd of volunteers - men in plain shirts and suspenders, women in bonnets and ankle-length dresses - arrived in this farming community to help fellow Mennonites whose homes and barns were ravaged by twisters. Most of the Mennonites here do not have insurance; they say it goes against their religious beliefs. Instead, families rely on each other to rebuild after disasters.

Mennonites do not buy insurance based on religious beliefs, rather they rely on each other when faced with a disaster and the need to rebuild property and their community. Based on their acceptance of some of the modern conveniences, I can't completely rule it out:

The Mennonites are similar to the Amish in their attire, and both groups embrace self-sustaining, rural living. But the Mennonites accept more technology, including cars, telephones, electricity and computers for business purposes.

I wonder whether there are Mennonite Blogger?

Yep, This Mennonite Has a Blog, looks like Mennonites do indeed blog..............................................No insurance premiums and you can still blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!