Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Who Will Be Crying In A Couple Days When Alito is Confirmed

I can't help but think that the coming headline will be "Who's Crying Now", in a couple days after Alito is confirmed. Per Drudge Ted Kennedy and his fellow dems were so personal and so vial, Alito's wife left in tears at one point:


I'd love to only post on the masterful display of constitutional law that Alito has given the past three days without any notes, but the dems are so desperate that we have to talk about them a bit:

One senior Republican in the hearing room said of the situation: “After three full days of attacks against her husband’s character, Mrs. Alito had enough. Democrat behavior during this hearing has not only been wrong, it’s been embarrassing. Ted Kennedy is nothing but a bully.”

It must be extremely degrading and revealing for the left to watch Alito take Kennedy, Slow Joe Bidden, Durbin, Feinstein, Schumer, and Feingold, apart and make them look like complete idiots. The dems are getting a constitutional law lesson "ass kicking" from a man with no notes and they are being undressed. The personal attacks today that crossed the line will serve the RNC candidates well in 2006...........................