Thursday, January 05, 2006

Toyota Brings Back FJ SUV

This looks like my next vehicle:

Toyota FJ

The Toyota FJ is back and it's not only cool looking, its bad ass, functional, and has the genes to be true to it's line (check out the last photo of the elders). This is a real "old school" SUV design, before soccer moms became a big demographic within the SUV customer base, but it also has the functionality that you want for a $25,000 plus vehicle that you drive 95% on the highway. A price of $25,000 is pretty cheap actually, which also means that it looks like you are getting a good return for money for what the product provides.

I have not driven one of course since they don't come out until March of 2006 under a 2007 model badge, but I can already tell this is a vehicle that I will really like....................I'll let you know after I pick mine up.............