Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Furniture Mover Political Operative Russ Rice Front & Center Thank God

Anti-war hero Russ Tice is the "A" team for the anti-NSA team:


Who is Russ Tice? Take a look at this lefty blog's prop-up and I think you will have a very clear picture of comrade Tice:


Per Buzz Flash:

After speaking on Capitol Hill at an event for national security whistleblowers last week, Intelligence Analyst Russ Tice has been notified by the National Security Agency (NSA) that his security clearance is permanently being taken away and that he will be fired as of May 16, 2005. Tice is a member of the newly formed National Security Whistleblowers Coalition being led by Sibel Edmonds (see for more about the Coalition).

In the past two years, Tice has endured unusually abusive retaliation from his agency. In April, after being put on administrative leave for 14 months, Tice was assigned to unload furniture from trucks at a warehouse, an obvious attempt to force him to resign. That assignment led to a back injury. Tice has since been on administrative leave. Tice also did a tour of eight months duty in the motor pool, where he was assigned to maintain agency vehicles (for example, filling them with gas, checking fluids, vacuuming and cleaning) and to chauffeur NSA officials, along with five other employees who were also being punished.............

A ultra left operative through and through.................If Tice is the best that hard left has then this will be delicious. I don't think he is the best they have but do think the best are running for cover right now and are serving Tice up..............................