Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Media Gets Another Big Story Wrong Again

Here we go again, more incorrect and inaccurate reporting by the MSM……………Just like it does so often and most recently on Katrina – New Orleans, which is eerily similar to this story:

False Headlines

Per E&P:

NEW YORK In one of the most disturbing and disgraceful media performances of this type in recent years, television and newspapers carried the tragically wrong news late Tuesday and early Wednesday that 12 of 13 trapped coal miners in West Virginia had been found alive and safe. Hours later they had to reverse course, often blaming the mix-up on "miscommunication."

I don’t know E&P, the same thing happened just a few months ago when the MSM was reporting all kinds of atrocities and huge death counts in New Orleans, when in the end it was false………………

WaPo not only reported the false story, but their reporter even seems to make-up details as she writes under the false headline on the front page per E&P:

The Washington Post story by Ann Scott Tyson, which appeared on the front page, opened: "A dozen miners trapped 12,000 feet into a mountainside since early Monday were found alive Tuesday night just hours after rescuers found the body of a 13th man, who had died in an explosion in an adjacent coal mine that was sealed off in early December”.

Later in the story, she even added this explanation: "The miners had apparently done what they had been taught to do: barricaded themselves in a pocket with breathable air and awaited rescue."

WaPo has since changed the headline and story of course: WaPo

It’s bad enough to report a false story on the front page, but for then the reporter to interject complete fiction as detail? As incredibly unbelievable that this is, all indications are that it is not the exception but rather the norm. Katrina and now this story prove that is the case.

This is just the latest example of the MSM not accurately reporting the facts, and enhancing a false story with details that simply are wrong. Does anyone really think that such reporting is limited to Hurricane and Mine Disasters?

If there ever was a time for the MSM to take a huge step back and find a way to return to their core function it is now. And that core function is to report the “facts” of the news world. The factual content of today’s MSM reporting is simply not credible. The MSM spends too much time trying to be a fourth branch of government, and while blindly pursuing this false role, their core product has spoiled into a rotten heap…………………………………………