Monday, October 31, 2005

Alito Very Qualified - Roberts Like - Roberts Lite

A good conversation is going on via the STL Post online political fix on Alito Post

Here is my comment regarding the Alito nomination:

Everyone who focuses on "abortion" and that issue only regarding SCOTUS candidates, is very short sighted an agenda based in my opinion. I happen to be a conservative who does not think that Roe vs. Wade should be overturned. It's not that I think having abortions is a good thing, I don't. That said however, I think it is simply too personal of a decision to have government regulate whether its legal or not.

I would have supported a moderate like O'Connor who held the same belief as I do on Roe, but I could also support a solid candidate who does not support Roe. The most important thing is do they rule according to the written law, are they a strong constitutionalist, and will they not legislate from the bench based on their own political views. That is what every judge is suppose to do, but its even more important that a SCOTUS Justice do so. The job of a SCOTUS Justice is much bigger and more important than one single issue. Those from either side of the spectrum who only care about abortion, don't give the position the true standing that it has and understand that bearing it can have on everyone's life.

Judges are not legislators, they don't make law rather they ensure that actions conform to law. Likewise, Legislators do not enforce the law, rather they vote on and pass the laws.

Alito was unanimously approved by the Senate in 1990 to the US Court of Appeals, the same body that will decide whether he becomes our next SCOTUS Justice. He is a very qualified candidate that it will be very hard for any Senator to oppose with any true justification, and if they do, it will be very damaging to those who try to do so. Take a look at this guys qualifications, they are Roberts like Alito

I think anyone regardless of political position who focuses on only one issue is setting themselves up for disappointment from the SCOTUS regardless of its make-up. Do you think that any of the Justices are single issue Justices? Please...................................................