Monday, November 28, 2005

Dean & Dems Meeting At Non-Union New Orleans Hotel

The Democrats and Howard Dean are planning a New Orleans based meeting to show their support and confidence in the city’s future:


Smart politics on their behalf and they have a huge interest in rebuilding the base in the state which New Orleans makes up the largest portion. Without a strong dem base in New Orleans, Louisiana probably goes Republican.

The strange thing was where the meeting is taking place. It’s at a hotel that is non-union:

The group usually uses only union hotels but got a special dispensation from labor officials to book the downtown Sheraton, he said. Dean said the Sheraton was the only full-service hotel that was reserving rooms and could handle a convention that large.

First 30,000 job cuts by GM now a non-union hotel for the dems big kick-off prior to mid-term elections. The DNC platform and model is looking more suspect than ever.

No word on whether Dean also got a special dispensation so the meeting attendees could shop at Walmart while down in New Orleans…………………..