Monday, November 28, 2005

Kinsley - Phoney Critic Against the War

Michael Kinsley is back peddling on a unicycle while attempting to keep the defeatist banner of the left aloft, even though the winds of public opinion are blowing his “cut and run call” soundly down:


The defeatist strategy that Kinsley is promoting is that Iraq was a mistake and he attempts to recycle the ghost of Vietnam that haunts him and his fellow defeatists:

And now, thanks to Rep. John Murtha, it is permissible to say, or at least to ask, "Why not just get out now? Or at least soon, on a fixed schedule?"

Thankfully a majority of Americans don’t agree with Kinsley’s defeatist nature via the poll listed in this post

In fact 70% of Americans think that agenda based criticism from the left by politicians like Murtha and by columnist like Kinsley, “hurts troop morale -- with 44 percent saying morale is hurt a lot." It’s a fact and the America public knows it, and they are not going to let Kensley and the defeatists paint it in any other light.

The ghost of Vietnam that defines a journalist generation like Kensley’s hangs openly in his latest collum. He is without a doubt a “Phoney Critic Against the War”…………………………….