Monday, November 28, 2005

Huge Holiday Sales Start Reported Very Differently

The economic recovery seems to continue on a healthy pace and this holiday season, spending appears robust and very healthy per: here and here

Per Bloomberg:

U.S. retailers recorded sales of $27.8 billion over the holiday weekend, putting the industry on track for its second-biggest selling season since 1999, said the National Retail Federation.

Per USA Today:

In all, about 145 million shoppers swarmed stores and the Internet over the weekend and spent an estimated $27.8 billion — up 22% from the weekend a year ago — according to a survey of retailers by the National Retail Federation.

Holiday sales off to a pace that will be the biggest since 1999 and a 22% increase from last year is “huge” and very positive news! It is the latest measurement showing solid economic footing. So why then did the AP and NYT spin the news “completely” differently here and here

Both the AP and NYT listed almost the exact same data that the Bloomberg and USA Today articles listed, yet they come away with articles that see “lukewarm” forecasts and “trouble”? How can that be, did they not even read or understand the information that was listed and referenced in their own article?

Perhaps facts and reality are not the main objective with most left agenda MSM. Perhaps the more important objective is to paint a gloomy picture to influence opinion rather than reporting the news.

If such news organizations are reporting stories like this that completely ignore the facts, what makes anyone think that they are not doing the same with the rest of their coverage……………………….

Good night, how sad AP & NYT, how sad indeed................................