Thursday, November 24, 2005

Freegans Dumpster Dive for Thanksgiving Dinner

On the bizarre front, here is a strange one:

Dumpster Divers

These folks diving in dumpsters and scavenging for food are not homeless people, rather people who refuse to pay for food:

They call themselves "freegans," a play on the words "vegan"- vegetarians who avoid all animal products, including dairy - and "free." In an ideological rejection of consumer waste, they only eat food that's been discarded. And in New York City, at least, they never go hungry.

They are vegetarians who refuse pay for their non-meat meals, in fact some have not eaten a purchased meal in a very long time:

Although not all freegans are vegan, they all eat for free. Weissman said that with few exceptions he has not eaten store-bought food, either at home, in a restaurant or as guest of a friend, in more than 10 years.

The ranks have some people who would seem to come from a balanced sane position in life until you learn that they eat from dumpsters:

Madeline Nelson, the host of the freegan dinner party who says she recently left a job in corporate communications at a Fortune 500 company, says she's concerned about holiday over-consumption. "We are heading into wasting season," said Nelson, who's serving a semi-freegan Thanksgiving dinner to her family, including her 83-year-old father.

Lets leave a job with a Fortune 500 company to go dumpster diving for Thanksgiving dinner and then feed it to your 83 year old father? He must be very proud........................

I'm very thankful this Thanksgiving that I did not have dinner at one of the "freegans" dinner parties.............................................