Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Indictment Wednesday? Will Anyone Care?

The buzz is a buzzing that the Plame investigation will conclude tomorrow and indictments if they are coming will be announced. Should be an interesting day..........

WaPo is stating that the WH is "bracing" for indictments and ABC tried to bluff the WH into saying that indictments were in fact about to happen:


The MSM and lots of the New Media think indictments will occur and they very well could. However, I would not be betting the house on it "yet". The leading man to be indicted is Lewis Libby, who is VP Cheney's chief of staff. With second best odds is Karl Rove, however his odds have become unfavorable over the past few days that make him a less attractive bet. Some even think Cheney could be the one, but I think that is very unlikely. If anyone gets indicted then I think it will probably be Libby.

The investigation however is still digging and doing so in an area that leads me to believe that a indictment is far from a done deal. They are talking to Plame's neighbors per ABC and although ABC reported the one neighbor who did not know Plame was in the CIA, most of her neighbors did know she worked for the CIA

Neighbor's Knew CIA Plame

I don't know but the question of whether Plame's identify was a well kept secrete is like asking if the secrete that the WWF is fake is a well kept secrete. Even if there are indictments I don't think there will be big fall out over it. An unbelievable statement to make? I don't think so, I've talked to lots of people who have not really kept up with the Plame investigation who tell me "what's the big deal"?

We will see tomorrow if there are big deal indictments and then if the resonate with the voters. Given the Vanity Fair magazine cover of Plame and Wilson and the parallel opinion of the public, I just don't think that voters will get "real" excited about it, and will probably continue to ask: "what's the big deal"?

We will see tomorrow and then in the coming days...........................


Nothing yet but WaPo is painting a dark picture for the WH :


However, the grand jury adjourned today without any announced action:


Stay tuned maybe tomorrow and if not then Friday for the results of Plame Game and the ending of hearings on about the worst covert cover of all time.....