Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Trev Albert Replacement Predicts Ohio State vs. Iowa

As Trev Alberts unofficial replacement here is my first game to offer up: Iowa @ Ohio State

Yes it is a big ten game which so far looks like the second weakest major conference behind the Big 12, but it is a nasty old fashion big 10 game. Iowa beat Ohio State 33-7 last year @ Iowa. The "Buck-Nuts" will be at a breaking point for Hawkeye blood. Revenge as a motivator and factor in the outcomes of anything is only as good as those who are being motivated, and their abilities to come through and measure that motivation.

This is a game of two teams who "CRAVE BALANCE". It's a psychological extension of both coaches and they count the run vs. pass count and do not deviate from the plan, almost never. That drives a fan who sees a play action pass on a scheduled run play as a winner or a option pass on a run play as obvious. That's not how these coaches work so get use to it. They are both "very" good coaches but they have a plan and they follow it. There is no gambler blood in either. They measure the grass on the field to make sure it fits the plan. Control, control, control.....................

This will be a "traditional" hard fought Big Ten game that will be defined by who has the best execution and the least mistakes and who is in control with the right emotional spark. I think both of these teams are pretty evenly matched. Top to bottom the starters from Iowa would start for Ohio State and vise versa. That I think is how you decide who has the edge. On talent I think both of these teams are pretty much even-steven.

The key I think will be measured emotion. Tressel is the current "professor coach" and is as unemotional as they come and is completely business like. He wears a sleeveless sweater and a tie for god sakes. So how does the Professor's demeanor and the loss last year congeal? That's the key............If Tressel gets the Buck-Nuts fired up like he is not, but in control like he is, then I think they win. If he does not maximize the slim emotional margin that could sway this game, then I think the Buck-Nuts lose. He has the talent to leverage emotion and make it work for him, the question is will he?

I say the Buck-Nuts will come out a "bit" over emotional on kicking Hawkeye ass, and that will not serve them well in the first quarter but they will "Tressel It Up" and get down to business. Unless the emotional mistakes takes over I say the Buck-Nuts win @ home over the Hawkeye's by 3 points. Could be a late field goal for the win or a late field goal miss for the loss. It should be a great game in the "why we all love college football" book. Time for the Big Ten to show what they got................

Final prediction: Ohio State Buck-Nuts 31 & Hawkeye's 28