Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New York Times & WaPo Collusion Promotes Wide Agenda

Glenn Reynolds has a post up at Instapundit linking Mark Tapscott on the New York Times & WaPo collusion of driving certain stories:


I thought the same think when I read it earlier today:

In any other industry, this would be called "collusion" and the Times and Post editorial pages would be in high dungeon, demanding anti-trust investigations by the Department of Justice. Go here for the full E & P report. Can you imagine what the outrage would be if it were Microsoft and Apple exchanging their product plans every day? Or GM and Ford? Hertz and Avis?

Tapscott sums it up spot on:

So the public should know if these two media giants have secretly divided up national advertising accounts? Agreed on who would cover which government agencies most aggressively? Coordinated recruiting operations? Exchanged lists of favored politicos and of those targeted for tough treatment?

After all, what's the difference between a "gentleman's agreement" to fix gasoline prices and two gentlemen in the media agreeing to tell each other their biggest trade secret, every day?

The only thing I'd add and an important thing to add is that every hack liberal newspaper in the country runs the same "target" articles that this collusion promotes. That makes it an even larger act of liberal news collusion......................................