Monday, September 19, 2005

New York Times Pay For View Narcissistic Columists

The New York Times has launched their pay for view online service for their vastly overrated columnists. It's called "times select" and it cost $7.95 per week:

times select

As Greg Mitchell's piece in E&P shows, its more of the same lefty agenda only now you have to pay for it, not that it was advertised to be anything other than that:

Then I found that Krugman compared black and white reactions to the New Orleans disaster, wondered how long it would have taken for help to reach Palm Beach, and concluded at the end: "I'd like to believe that Katrina will change everything - that we'll all now realize how important it is to have a government committed to helping those in need, whatever the color of their skin. But I wouldn't bet on it."

Reading the entire Herbert column, I understood the "Good Grief" headline, since the first sentence harkens back to the "Peanuts" comic strip: "The president is Lucy, and he's holding a football. We're Charlie Brown."

No one center to right of center reads the NYT for value or information, they read it to see how ridiculous the ultra left MSM has become. The NYT and their columnists are an island for the ultra left to gather on and proclaim their agenda and copy it out via the MSM in every liberal newspaper and TV network in America. It's an agenda newspaper and a majority I say will not pay to read agenda. I give it 25-1 odds of making it and remaining "pay for view" 6 months from now.

That said I think Peanuts is the right cartoon for Herbert's analogy, but he got the wrong character and story. Here is how I see it: the cartoon character is Linus and he represents Herbert and the rest of the NYT staff. The blanket they carry is a pacifier to comfort their deeply narcissistic ideologies that a majority of Americans see as extremely liberal and extremely out of their own mainstream views and beliefs, quite simply narcissistic ramblings in print.

I would not give them a penny for their thoughts let alone $7.95 monthly. Take care Linus and enjoy that "bent" world you live in and write about.....................