Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Osam Bin Laden Sick Seeking Medial Treatment

The good thing about the remote and desolate area on the Afghanistan – Pakistan border region is that it’s an excellent place for a very wanted terrorist to hide, probably the best place in the world. The bad thing is that if you have serious health issues, there is not a great deal of health treatment options in the area to choose from:

Bin Laden Sick

Word today per the US Military that Osama bin Laden is in poor health and is seeking medical treatment:

"Osama bin Laden is trying to obtain medical attention," Colonel Don McGraw, director of operations at the Combined Forces Command in Kabul, told a group of British reporters, including one from al-Hayat, it said.

Here is to Osama dieing a slow and painful death in a dirty cold cave in the region that has given him shelter the past two four years. I could think of a couple more appropriate means for him to meet his end, but this one will do………………………..