Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Less Red Tape But Need To Safeguard Against Fraud

Eliminating red tape and delays in the relief effort to help those affected by hurricane Katrina is a good thing and what absolutely should be done. Unnecessary red tape further impacts the misery of the victims and can literally kill at its worst. However, there has to be safeguards in place to prevent a complete free for all and dirty deals that only take money away from those who need it:

Aid Safeguards

Per the AP:

"It is entirely appropriate that the money go out just as quickly as possible to people whom we think need it, and to worthy contractors on a competitive basis," said former Homeland Security inspector general Clark Kent Ervin. "But in the rush to do it, there is real potential for waste and certainly for fraud as well."

Indeed there is huge potential for waste and fraud see Miami and those getting money when the hurricane did not even affect the Dade Country area back in 2004 after Frances: Frances Fraud

Having an audit process that does not harm those who need the help while guarding against fraud is critical:

The Homeland Security investigators are part of a $15 million effort by the department's inspector general that Congress approved last week to keep an eye on Katrina relief spending.

I agree completely with FEMA spokesman James McIntyre on his statement here:

"You had 200,000 people who were displaced, possibly more," he said Monday. "We needed to get families into housing, as soon as possible, and off the floor of the stadium. "We needed the contracts to hit the ground running to get that process up and running."

That said there also needs to be a competent watch dog ensuring that money is spent as it should be…….