Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Feds & State Can Work Together In New Orleans After All

Here is a beauty of a nasty - dirty story, centered around a self serving Louisiana congressman who served himself first and took resources away from the rescue of the people he serves in grave harms way:


William Jefferson D. LA, had the Louisiana national guard haul him to his house so he could get some of his things, got the truck stuck while at his house for over an hour which diverted a evacuation helicopter to his house to try and pick him up, he refused wasting lots of time, and then a second national guard truck had to be deployed to get them out.

Jefferson took two heavy duty rescue trucks and for awhile a rescue helicopter away from rescuing people in danger of drowning or who did drown, to get the following personal belongings: Laptop computer, three suitcases, and a box the size of a refrigerator....................................

Here is what the Louisiana National Guard is saying:

Schneider said he could not comment on whether the excursion was appropriate. "We're in no position to comment on an order given to a soldier. You're not going to get a statement from the Louisiana National Guard saying whether it was right or wrong. That was the mission we were assigned."

Jefferson had major issues prior to commandeering the Louisiana National Guard for his personal purposes, and that laptop is looking very suspicious:

In an unrelated matter, authorities have recently searched Jefferson's property as part of a federal investigation into the finances of a high-tech firm. Last month FBI officials raided Jefferson's house as well as his home in Washington, D.C., his car and his accountant's house.

Last week, Jefferson set up a special trust fund for contributions to his legal defense in light of the FBI investigation. A senior federal law enforcement source tells ABC News that investigators are interested in learning if Jefferson moved any materials relevant to the investigation. Jefferson says he did not.

Here is a case where the Federal & State Government of Louisiana had no problem working together related to hurricane Katrina, but is without a doubt a very poor example of how such cooperation should be used and a very inappropriate purpose for such cooperation................................