Monday, September 12, 2005

Brian Williams Replaces Dan Rather As New Hurricane Man

From the AP, the new Dan Rather of the MSM has arrived in the form of Brian Williams:


Here is how the AP sees Sir Williams:

NBC's Brian Williams says the lasting legacy of Hurricane Katrina for journalists may be the end of an unusual four-year period of deference to people in power. The mute button seemingly in place since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks has been turned off. "By dint of the fact that our country was hit we've offered a preponderance of the benefit of the doubt over the past couple of years," the "Nightly News" anchorman said. "Perhaps we've taken something off our fastball and perhaps this is the story that brings a healthy amount of cynicism back to a news media known for it."

Well if he is serious and means that the one sided watch dog agenda will be gone from his and other MSM coverage and they will begin covering the stories fair & balanced, then I say good for you Brian I'll be your biggest fan. There has only been watch dog journalism applied to one party since President Bush's election, so a change would be welcomed.

I doubt however that this is anything less than Williams and NBC sharpening their focus on the Bush Administration while all the other key components of the story are given a free ride. Seems to me that Williams is following the path of a recently disgraced anchor man who left in shame:

Williams has had a hellish travelogue the past year, including Banda Aceh after the tsunami and a battleground in Mosul, Iraq, filled with the dead and dying. He never thought he'd see such suffering in his own country.

"I measure my words very carefully," he said. "I guard my opinions very carefully. To me, this was life and death

Not that Williams needs to produce a false report on the 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate's military record in the eleventh hour of the election and refuse to admit it was bogus. No we would settle for fair & balanced coverage instead of politically weighted agenda reporting.

Courage Brian Williams, Courage.................................................