Friday, September 09, 2005

Death In Mississippi Same or Greater Than Louisiana Per Capita

Will ultimately about the same number of people have died in Mississippi per capita compared to New Orleans? Could be................

Affected population on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is about 185,000 people and 200 have been reported to have died. It's expected to double to around 400 when all deaths have been recorded. That's: 400/185,000 = .2%

The deaths in New Orleans is now being projected to be in the 1,000 to 2,000 range. If it comes in at the 1,000 death range that is: 1,000/500,000 = .2%.

If New Orleans is in the 2,000 range then it would be: 2,000/500,000 = .4%

Mississippi needs some attention and help with the tragedy they are dealing with. Remember these are the people that did not boil over into anarchy. They stayed calm and upheld the law of humanity in the face of the same tragedy. The human animals did not take over in Mississippi like they did in New Orleans. Regardless of what happened on the human covenant level the people in New Orleans need and should get your help, but also think about those in Mississippi and donate to their local charities. Real and credible local charities are much better than the big national charities.

From a per capita scale it is as devastating in Mississippi as New Orleans if not worse......