Friday, September 09, 2005

Bush Eats Babies Creates Hurricanes And Only The Left & MSM Believe It

How insane has the left scream and attack become against Bush? Well MoveOn says Bush is a baby eater, via Patrick Ruffini:

Eating Babies

Here is part of the Ruffini post on Byron York's article

Just then, a man walked up to Taylor and said, "If George Bush ate a baby, would you defend him?" "That's absurd," Taylor answered.
"Do you think the protesters would be complaining about Bush's reaction if we weren't in Iraq?" the man asked. "Yes," said Taylor. "Why?" "Because you hate him." "So?" the man said with a shrug and little laugh of acknowledgment. "Everything he does, for crying out loud," Taylor said.

"OK, I agree with that," the man said, laughing some more. The honesty disarmed Taylor. "Well, thank you," he said, "that's the first honest thing I've heard out here today." "Well, don't you think there's a reason we all hate him?" the man continued. "Yes," Taylor answered. "Because you are all pathological in your hatred of him."

"Of course," the man said, as a few more people began laughing. "And why is that?" "Because you're a bunch of loony liberals!" Taylor answered, as everyone cracked up.

It's not about the issues or truth with the loony left, it's about "hate" and "agenda"! They hate George Bush's values and those I have and those of everyone right of center as well as those moderately left of center. You know those dinosaur and prehistoric values like love of country, love of the traditional family, religious faith and conviction, personal accountability, capitalism - work hard to get ahead, and democracy vs. socialism. Their goal is to remove those values that have made us the greatest country in the world that everyone in the world including the Left want to live in, can't be that bad of a values base wouldn't you say? Those values do not fit into the plan of the socialist left and they hate them and will assail them and attack them, even when the platform they launch their attacks from is a deep and terrible tragedy like hurricane Kristina.

The left thinks they are making hay out of the hurricane disaster but I agree with Tony Snow when he says no, that's not the message that the American majority will ever follow again:

America Won't Follow That Message

I say ultimately they will loose lots more ground with their latest political attack. Sure, they got Michael Brown's head, even though the gross tragedy with Katrina lies at the local and state feet, Brown's head will prove to be a very hollow win when all is said and done. He did not do a good job I will agree, but the primary failure is at the local and state level and each day exposes that truth more clearly just like the draining of New Orleans reveals the truth and facts of the disaster more clearly.

The extremist left lives in a vile cesspool of hate and agenda and the MSM follows them like the rats followed the Piper. The Left beat their drum producing the rhythms of a radical and seducing sound that the MSM can not help but follow, but thankfully that's not the case for a strong majority of Americans. Per Gallup only 13% of American blame Bush, and the blame goes up from there:


After Bush at 13%, the Federal Government is blamed at an 18% level, and then the Local & State Officials come in at 25%, then "No One" at the highest 38% (there is some astute wisdom in that 38% number). I say the American people get it spot on all said. Isn't it funny how even in an environment of possessed and crazed rants from the MSM and left, the American majority core disregards the false reporting and agenda driven vile and come to the right conclusion?

I trust the American people, always have and always will. Its an amazing country made up of amazing people. Those in the new media that think those who are not readers of the new media can't somehow make up their minds on the true facts are overplaying their importance. Americans know "BS" when they see it and they know they are seeing it hard and fast right now from the MSM and the Left. They are rejecting it hard, fast, and rightfully so.

Bush does not eat babies and he does not create hurricanes. Neither does Karl Rove or the right of center politicians or right of citizens as the left and MSM would have you believe. As the left chants that Bush eats babies and creates hurricanes and the MSM broadcasts that agenda, watch this "band of fools" walk further and further from credibility and viability in the American Mainstream..........................................................