Monday, August 29, 2005

No Groundswell For Miller - NYT - MSM

Per Daily Pundit: here

The New York Times reporter Judith Miller has now been in jail longer for refusing to testify than any reporter working for a newspaper in America. It is a very long time for her, for her newspaper and for the media. And with each dismal milestone, it becomes more apparent that having her in jail is an embarrassment to a country that is supposed to be revered around the world for its freedoms, especially its First Amendment that provides freedom of the press.
But not freedom to refuse to answer the questions of a grand jury without penalty.

I expect the NYT is quite puzzled as to why there is no groundswell for the "plight" of one of their reporters. Probably the notion that half the country thinks their entire staff should be in jail hasn't quite sunk in yet.

Groundswell for the NYT or any other MSM entity? Seriously? NO..................................