Thursday, August 25, 2005

Red Cross Smuggled Insurgent Terrorists In Iraq

The Red Cross does lots of great things and has done so for many years. They have run aground on occasion like with the 911 fund mismanagement and the distribution of the money but all in all they do good things. This story however is not a good move by the Red Cross:

Red Cross Over

Smuggling terrorist insurgents who were wanted by the military for attempting to kill or perhaps killing coalition military personnel, so that you can exchange them for two fellow country men aid workers who were kidnapped, is wrong and no rational person could see clarity or justification for such a thing.

The Italian Red Cross should be thrown out of Iraq. When an aid organization that is suppose to be neutral and off limits to violence, starts dealing in secrete human exchange with terrorist organizations, it puts all aid organizations at risk and all people working for such agencies at risk. That aside from the point that the Italian Red Cross aided the enemy and increased the danger to the coalition troops................................