Sunday, August 28, 2005

Daily Kos - Bush Responsible for Hurricane Katrina

The Daily Kos is reporting that hurricane Katrina is Bush's fault and the issues New Orleans will be facing after the storm are his fault also because Bush invaded Iraq and took so many Louisiana National Guards Men from that state:


Who was the inspiration for this irrational thought from Kos website? Well the St. Louis Post Dispatch, a perfect fit with the Daily Kos. Here is what Patricia Taylor of Kos is saying:

The levee system is endangered by the flood waters and winds that will accompany this storm when it hits landfall. Historically, it is the National Guard, along with other emergency personnel, who attempt to provide emergency services to the community in disaster relief situations like Katrina. And where are these National Guard right now?

First I have been watching the coverage in New Orleans and there are plenty of National Guard personnel in place and they moved 20,000+ into the Superdome today just fine. There will be ample National Guard in place to assist after this terrible storm passes and the President has approved disaster aid before the storm has even hit to speed up the process.

The facts obviously don't matter to someone blinded by political hate. To these folks, Bush & Rove now have the power to create hurricanes, sad................