Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Orleans Could Be Sewage Stew After Hurricane

New Orleans is a party city with a huge heart full of fun and indulgence. No city throws a better party in America than New Orleans. Lots of drinking, good music, great food and fun times, is what New Orleans is all about. Let the good times roll........ Its a interesting, diverse, and fun-friendly mix of people and things to do with a deep and rich history, where no one is a stranger and where complete strangers become good friends in a matter of minutes. I love going to New Orleans but only about once every three years are so. That's about it for me, and I could not imagine living in New Orleans.

It is in certain places a dirty old city and smells well, like a very old party town. I saw the biggest rat I have ever saw walking down the sidewalk in New Orleans and it was seriously as big as a cat and was parting the crowd as it made its way. The approaching hurricane and what that could bring to the existing mix present in the city is not a pretty sight. From Fox News here are a few things those poor folks could be looking at if they get a direct and strong hit:

Fox - New Orleans

Not a pretty picture:

The worst-case scenario for New Orleans — a direct strike by a full-strength hurricane — could submerge much of this historic city treetop-deep in a stew of sewage, industrial chemicals and fire ants, and the inundation could last for weeks, experts say.

I think "NASTY" qualifies as an adequate reaction to such a scenario. Not a pretty picture at all (a tree tall tank of sewage stew with toxic waste and fire ants). The scientific weather models says that a wall of up to 20' could roll in and cover a majority of the mostly two story level buildings and it could take weeks to get the sewage stew out.

The best scenario for New Orleans is that the eye of the hurricane comes ashore east of New Orleans so the surge is not as high or bad. In a city that is famous for hurricane parties lets hope that everyone understands that this time its serious and they should get out of the city and head to high ground. This one does not look like a good candidate for a "no worries" party.

Lets hope the hurricane spares this very unique and wonderful city full of great people, great food and very good times.....................