Thursday, August 25, 2005

Michael Yon & LTC Kurilla

Michael Yon has a new post up from Iraq:

Yon's Gates of Fire

As I’ve said before, Michael Yon is one of only a few doing “real” reporting on the ground in Iraq with our troops. If you are not reading his post, then you are getting by lines written from hotels and from the suburban fringes of the Green Zone, and retelling of briefings from the green zone.

It will be interesting to see if the MSM attempts to regain a shred of their credibility regarding reporting from Iraq. The slow but obvious flow of questions coming in from the MSM themselves on how they are covering the war, tells us they appear to finally get the fact that the reporting they offer is simply casualty counts and car bomb counts. See here: MSM Real news and real reporting from Iraq via the MSM is totally MIA.

Regardless of the MSM short comings in covering Iraq, that is not the case with Yon. You can only get the upfront and personal coverage that Yon provides from Yon. If you want to really know what is going on in Iraq, then Yon is your only source as of now.

Yon’s “Gates of Fire” is a gripping in person account of the battle for Iraq. The reporting makes you feel like you are there with Yon and the brave men of Deuce Four. This post which recounts the near tragic events that forced Yon to arm himself and assist wounded leader LTC Kurilla, is dramatic and uplifting. It’s a story that’s so real, it’s too accurate of a story to be carried in the MSM given their track record from Iraq. The MSM is not deserving to carry it in their product.

Thank goodness for Michael Yon and the first hand true reporting that he provides us. Without him we would not know the truth about what is happening in Iraq and what it really is like. He is a selfless journalist who puts himself in great harms way to bring you and I the truth about Iraq. What a gift he gives us, true journalism.

Even more importantly, thank god for soldiers and leaders like LTC Kurilla and his men who I feel I know personally from Yon’s post. If ever there are men born to be great soldiers it seem to me Kurrilla and CSM Prosser are without a doubt such men. We know that there are so many soldiers just like Kurilla and Prosser who are fighting to win this war and will win it. They are the bravest of people and strongest believers in democracy. We have democracy because of them and those they follow from earlier wars. God bless each and every one of them.

There are set-backs and tragedies in Iraq and Yon reports them. There are also very positive victories and an army of men and woman winning this war and Yon reports that story as well, and seems to be the only one reporting it and the only civilian reporter qualified to report it.

Each new post is a must read………………………..


This story is HOT and rightfully so................

Yon's post is going to be the Iraqi moment for America that makes one decide whether they are up to 1/1000th the task that LTC Kurilla, CSM Prosser, their men, including Michael Yon, are up to. In a political and will sense, not like service but no less a time to decide. I say that America is up to it and will move upward to that level in a support manner and strength of character. What a great post to determine if you and I still have the will to be a free America that is willing to give that precious gift to others and fight for our own freedom. You will know your neighbor's heart and soul from their reaction to Yon's latest post......................................