Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Man Falsifies Murder To Prompt Divorce

Well here is a marriage that was definitely at the rocky edge, and might qualify for one of the worst ever:

False Murder

This guy Teddy Claire Akin from Ocala, Florida, made up killing a hitchhiker to try and get his wife to file for divorce. Per the Star Banner:

Akin eventually confessed that his murder confession was bogus, said Sue Livoti, a spokesman with the Sheriff's Office. He told investigators he was having problems with his wife and was hoping the murder story would make her leave him, Livoti said. In another version of his story, Akin said the couple was going through a divorce and that he created the story to get her attention.

So he makes up a fake murder and admits to doing it himself, to nudge his wife towards a divorce? This was the best idea he had to solve his marriage problems? Hum, I wonder if he thought about life in prison and the death penalty when he was deciding on this plan? He does not appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed.....

Well I'm sure he got her attention and a lot of other people also, but for all the wrong reasons. I do however have a hunch that he will in fact get that divorce he was looking for.............................................