Wednesday, May 04, 2005

American Immigration – Importing Poverty

An interesting and informative website dedicated to the Immigration issues we currently have today.

This organization is dedicated to reforming the immigration policies of our country. I don’t think that many people disagree that we have a serious issue with our immigration policy in particularly as it applies to Mexico. The number of illegal aliens pouring across our borders are at 1.1 million entering the US each year.

It is estimated that 9.2 million illegal aliens currently live in the US. FAIR reports that in Texas alone, that public services cost the state $4.7 billion or $725 per native household per year. Even with tax contributions by the illegals which I often hear as a benefit of having them here, the adjusted cost after their tax contributions is $3.7 billion per year in Texas alone.

I completely understand and agree that there are jobs in America that native citizens do not want to do and these are good jobs for aliens. I think most logical and rational people agree that we want to allow immigrants to come here on worker visas and for those who qualify for full citizenship, that opportunity if they follow the appropriate channels and again qualify. But the current situation is out of control and needs to be addressed.

I think from an economic standpoint alone, this story should have more attention and focus. Taking money that could be used more effectively to help and assist legal citizens but is instead being spent on illegal aliens is criminal.

Sounds like there is “real’ legislation moving towards some reform and the FAIR site has a good recap on it. Not as sexy as a lot of stories others out there, but I think this is a huge story with some real serious consequences if we don’t get it right.