Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bottle Bombers Compound: Peroxides & Hydroperoxides

The compound that the British Bottle Bombers planned to use was Peroxide based, just like the British bombers from 7-11:

Peroxides and hydroperoxides are highly reactive materials and may be extremely shock-sensitive explosives. Peroxides can form readily in certain organic materials, especially ethers. Simply moving or just screwing the cap off a bottle that is contaminated with peroxides can lead to an explosion, injury and/or death. Read all of the following information carefully!

Acetone peroxide(C9H18O6), or TATP(triacetone triperoxide), the explosive used in today's London blasts, is a high explosive that can be made from common household items such as drain cleaner(sulfuric acid - H2SO4), hydrogen peroxide(H2O2), and acetone(CH3COCH3), a common organic solvent. It is actually a mixture of stereoisomers. In its finished form it is almost undetectable by sniffer dogs or conventional bomb detection systems.

Peroxide based bombs are also the preferred material for Palestinian suicide bombers:

In the occupied Palestinian territories, you can always tell who the 'engineers' (bomb-makers) are: they're the ones covered in burn marks who might be missing fingers, or even a whole hand, who make bombs for the young suicide bombers sent to kill Israelis by the Islamic militant organisations such as Hamas. And there, as in London, their explosive of choice is triacetone triperoxide or TATP. And TATP is the reason for the engineer's disfigurement.

For the same reasons that Hamas uses TATP to send suicide bombers undetected into Israel, the al-Qaeda network has adopted TATP for its terror missions abroad. The substance was included as the trigger in the shoe bomb that Briton Richard Reid tried to detonate on a flight from Paris to Miami in December 2001, and in the identical device given to Reid's fellow bomber Sajid Badat, who aborted his mission..............